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Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer)

In today’s world of competition, theoretical knowledge is not enough to excel in life. Summer internships are especially beneficial for engineering students, who have the highest requirement of industrial and practical exposure. An effective internship can help students to enhance their knowledge and get good jobs. These programs make them confident and ready for the future as they graduate. Every college student must strive to gain extra expertise in his/her field of education to stay ahead of the crowd. Utilizing the college days is one of the foremost tasks that every student should do. Making notes, attending classes, studying regularly are the activities that everybody does, but an internship is something that can give students an extra edge to their level of knowledge and skills. Undergraduates have a great opportunity to gain extra knowledge by utilizing their summer vacations through joining summer internships.

Part of Asia’s Biggest Fest for Automobile and Advance Technologies
— National Technology Awareness Campaign —
Part of Garage-One 2007-2014
In Association and Certified by  AIESEC IIT DELHI, GOM Germany ,Wikipedia, CIS India, APM Technologies, SGT-International, Rapidform Korea, 
Wish to become Techbuzz of India
Industrial Tech Process Includes: Designing| Analysis|Prototype development|3D Scanning|Reverse Engineering|Quality Inspection| Re Development and Production
You have seen us Exploring some niche technology around the Globe for Automobile and Manufacturing Industry
Program bifurcated in two Parts mentioned below:  
Part 1:
 Bring’s Complete 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering Quality Inspection, Refurbation Techniques for Complete Engine and Components of Car
Part 2  

Now get opportunity to Implement it with Live Designing and Development of Solar and alternate Propulsion Vehicle 

Complete Construction, Designing, analysis of Solar Car and Alternate Propulsion Techniques

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Present Client List of 179+ for Diversified Automobile Services

  • ROCA
  • MSME
  • ROOP
  • LG
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Course Curriculum

Part 1: 3D Scanning| Reverse Engineering Using Rapidform| Quality Inspection| Refurbation Techniques

Complete engine and Car

Note: Carry your Laptops allocation of 3 different software required during the training as mentioned below:

  • Day 1: Basics of Manufacturing and Product Designing Techniques
  • Day 2: Live  3D Scanning of Engine and Parts of Car and Part Modelling
  • Day 3: Followed by Reverse Engineering Using Rapidform and NX
  • Day 4: Quality Inspection Techniques, Refurbation, Practical Allotment on Particular Project
  • Day 5 …………….Test followed by Break………………………

Designing|Analysis| Construction of Solar Car | Alternate Propulsion Techniques 

Engine Designing Using Ricardo Wave 

  • Day 6: Basics of Automobile and Designing Parameters of different units of Vehicle
  • Day 7: Design and Analysis Using Solidworks ( Including all Major Static and Dynamic Analysis)
  • Day 8: Engine Designing Using Ricardo Wave with Analysis. 
  • Day 9: Designing of Solar Car and Other Parts by Different Teams with Analysis
  •  Construction of Framework and Suspension in Labs.
  • Day 10: Session on Electronics Motors, Design of electronic Control  Board, Wirring Harness, Design of FPPT,  Simulation Run 
  • Day 11 Making of different unit, Breaking Steering, Electronics and Integrating them 
  • Day 12 Continued with Integration, Final Test  Run, Awards Allocation, Test

Selection of Top 10 Performer from Each Event to Work with us for Next 3 Months on Offsite Training 


  • Globally accepted GarageOne 2014 Certification
  • KIT worth Rs. 4500/- consisting of 3 Course Books, eBooks, Software etc
  • CDs, and DVD Containing Simulation Material
  • 1 Year Membership and Subscription of Metawing Technologies
  • 1 Year Educational Licensed Quality Inspection Software
  • Software like Rapidform (Korea), UG (Educational Use Only)
  • Get Your R&D Project or Research Paper Sponsored
  • Selection of 20 Candidates for Live Industrial Research Projects

Course Benefits

  • In-depth knowledge of Designing, Analysis and Simulation Using Industrial Software Like Rapidform, NX, Solidworks, GOM Inspection tool
  • Live Designing, 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
  • Selection of 20 students for Foreign Internship through AIESEC IIT Delhi
  • Opportunity to get into top notch automotive companies (R&D)
  • Firsthand experience of working on High End Projects
  • Chance to become a potential Automotive Engineer
  • Chance to work as Product Designer
  • Opportunity to work with Industrial Research Project for Merit Students
  • Get your Idea and Research implemented with our Technical Team Support.

3D Scanning and Complete Development of Car Prototype

3D Scanning and Automobile Product Design

Work with Reverse Engineering Software

Live Development of  Solar Car During the Internship Program

Target Audience

  • B.E/B.Tech/ME/B.Sc/M.Sc
  • Automobile & Designing Enthusiasts


  • 12 Days
  • 98 Hours~


  • 6,500/-
  • Group Discounts Available

Group Discount (Click To Reveal Content)

Members in a Group Regular Fee Per Person Discount Final Fee Per Person
5 to 10 6,500 INR 3% 6,305 INR
10 to 15 6,500 INR 5% 6,175 INR
More Than 15 6,500 INR 8% 5,980 INR


  1. In case you wish to avail the Group Discount Option, Kindly mail the details of all the candidates with a subject line ‘Group Discount – *Number of Participants* – IIP 2014’ at info@metawinggroups.com.
  2. Your mail will educate us that you have deposited the course fee under ‘Group Discount Option’, so you do not need to inform us about the same by any other means. E.g: if 5 people wanted to apply for the Internship program, you need to issue payment for Rs. 5 * 6305 = 31525/-.
  3. Amount should be deposited in one ‘single’ transaction to avail group discount.

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Last Date for Registration: 18th June 2014
Training Center: SVV Seminar Hall Kauli Patra
Sessions Dates: 20th- 1st July 2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 250-300 INR Per Day

Last Date for Registration:25th June 2014
Training Center: KG Reddy College of Engineering Technology
Sessions Dates: 28th June – 9th July 2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 300INR Per Day

Last Date for Registration:5th July 2014
Training Center: Dyananad Sagar Institute of Technology
Sessions Dates: 15th July – 26th July 2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 300INR Per Day

Last Date for Registration: 2nd July  2014
Training Center: SGSITS
Sessions Dates: 4th July-15th July 2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 300INR Per Day

Last Date for Registration: 5th July 2014
Training Center: Northern India Engineering College
Sessions Dates: 10th July 21th July  2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 300INR Per Day

Last Date for Registration:5th July 2014
Training Center: GTU (Main Campus)/ Parul Institute of Technology
Sessions Dates: 12th July- 23th July 2014
Accommodation Options: Yes
Accommodation With Food: 250-300INR Per Day

Training Related Queries

Numbers allocated for Campaign Operations:

Event Organizers: +91 9643005428, +91 9213635313, +91 9643005677, +91 9643005678
E: info@metawinggroups.com, iip.payments@metawinggroups.com,  info@metawing.com

Application Procedure

After Registration, follow the payment options. No confirmation will be sent by the Company until the course fee is received and your student id is generated.

Certifying Bodies

SGT-International and Metawing Technologies
Co Certified by WIZIQ
• Letter of Contribution will be given to all the Campus Ambassadors

Payment Option - HDFC

You can deposit/online transfer the amount at our account and send us the scanned copy/image of bank receipt at info@metawinggroups.com

Account No: 09322020000481
Name: Metawing
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: RG City Centre, Lawrance Road, New Delhi
IFSC code: HDFC0000932
Type: Current Account

Payment Option - Axis

You can deposit/online transfer the amount at our account and send us the scanned copy/image of bank receipt at info@metawinggroups.com

Account No: 911020041687267
Account Name: MetaWing
Bank: Axis Bank
Branch: Jagannath Marg, Tri Nagar, New Delhi
IFSC code: UTIB0001150
Type: Current Account

Payment Option - DD

Payable at NEW DELHI

You can Courier/Speed Post the Demand Draft at below mentioned address and send us the scanned copy/image of demand draft at info@metawinggroups.com. Address for Courier/Speedpost

Sr. Advisor GarageOne
Naresh Gupta
3683/7, Narang Colony, Tri Nagar,
New Delhi-110035

Metawing Technologies (P) Ltd.
B-109, Level 1,Sector 5,
Noida – 201310, Uttar Pradesh

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Why should you go for the Summer Internship Program by Metawing?

Students often get confused about joining a summer internship program. They have numerous questions in their mind regarding the duration, course, benefits and whether they should join a paid summer internship or not. With so many companies providing summer internship opportunities to the students, it is imperative for them to get confused. We, at Metawing help the students by making them aware of the technology of which they are unaware of. We not only enhance their knowledge, but also give them real time exposure to 3D scanners, CMM machines and reverse engineering equipments.

What does the Summer Internship Program entail?

We understand that students are always on the lookout for the best summer internship program and research opportunities to escalate their chances of being successful in their domain. That is why; we have specially designed our 15 day summer internship program which covers several niche technology topics. The college students seldom get a chance to become aware of the latest technological advancements of the automobile industry. Our unique summer internship program provides all the knowledge and expertise that can equip undergraduate students to face the challenges of the industry that lies ahead of them.

As we know, the concept of Reverse Engineering is still unknown among the students of the country. International companies including SGT International have come together to spread awareness about Reverse Engineering in India through Metawing Technologies. Our 15 day summer internships for college students make them aware of the advanced technology being used in the automobile industry all over the world. Under the 15 day summer internship program, the students are taught how to design and simulate automobile parts using different software that includes Think3, Rapidform (Korea), NX and Delcam (CNC Coding Software). These software have gained much importance in the automobile industry for design and simulation. We not only impart students with knowledge, but also with experience. The students get an opportunity to de-assemble complete commercial car so as to become a witness to the various technologies being used in the commercial vehicles these days.

How the Skills will help in future?

  • Learn the most innovative technology solution which is very niche domain in Automobile, Manufacturing, Meteorology and Power Industry
  • Gain skills of a Innovator like Dilip Chabbaria (DC) to redesign and Develop any Automobile Product or Car.
  • Prepare to analyze and implement the things which you observe around yourself using Reverse Engineering
  • Be a more potential candidate for Industry as the same are being used at Industry for Development of Products

Reverse Engineering – It is a technology which needs to be widespread in India so as to bring the country at par with the technology of the world. The students get an opportunity to become acquainted with Co-ordinate Measuring Machines, 3D Scanners, 3D Modeling and Quality Inspection Techniques involved in Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

Research Opportunities for Summer Internship by MetaWing

In addition to all this, Metawing also selects the students who have the desire to excel and gives them an opportunity to work on research projects with SGT International.

In order to escalate your chances of employability, you not only need to keep on searching jobs on websites like monster, naukri etc, you also need to go for an internship program that equips you with the knowledge of latest technologies and prepares you for the future.

Join Summer Internship Program by Metawing and witness the power of advanced technology!